March 10, 2010

here comes the sun, do do do doo

(Ane: DKNY Jeans parka, Planet Blue tee, H&M skirt, Gap scarf, Jimmy Choo for H&M shoes)

March 8, 2010

herry monster and mr.owl

(Laura: American Apparel top, Urban Outfitters sweater, Earnest Sewn jeans, Claire's earrings, Aldo boots / Ane: H&M tee, Cheap Monday jeans, Dolce & Gabbana sweater)

Its spring time in California and the weathers still a bitch. Our plans to go to Santa Monica on Saturday never happened cause of the rain (the weatherman loves to tell us lies), though hopefully next weekend :)
Would also like to address those of you (AMAZING FASHIONISTAS) who've commented on the blog (as well as anyone who's visited ofcourse)
We've been getting soo much homework lately so we haven't had much time to reply to anything, though for those of you who's blogs we haven't checked out yet, expect a hello realll soon. xo

March 5, 2010

night lights

(Laura: Level 99 jeans, Thrifted leather jacket, H&M purse)

Forgot to take pics today, so heres an old one to make up for it.
Shopping spree in Santa Monica tomorrow at Wasteland (buffalo exchange except..umm.. slightly bigger and has a simpler name?), and Victoria's Secret ofcourse.
Too excited.

March 4, 2010

the rays of the ban

(Laura: Thrifted sweater, Target tights, Doc Marten boot, Jane earrings, Ray Ban sunglasses, Vintage shorts-not shown / Ane: Thrifted top, Ray Ban sunglasses)

Testing out new backgrounds cause green was getting terribly dull.
Diggin' the intense pop going on in the pictures.. thoughts?

March 3, 2010

duck hunting

(Ane: John Partridge parka, Planet Blue tee, Thrifted leggings, Gap scarf, Vintage fur collar, Steve Madden boots, Vintage necklace)

Though the sun was out, my tee was wayy to see through to walk around in, so I decided to steal what I call my mama's "duck hunting jacket," to cover me up, and I LOVE it. SO much. 
Slightly bigger and bulkier than what it ought be, but much too comfy.

The fundraiser turned out an extreme success as well. Pinkberry, yes, Pinkberry(!), came to school to sell ice cream, 20% of the proceeds going to our charity group. We sold out in umm.. 15 minutes?
They'll be coming again next Wednesday, with even more ice cream. Score.

Oh and don't worry, Laura'll be workin' it tomorrow ;)

March 2, 2010

dusty trees

(Laura: Urban Outfitters jacket attached with an H&M faux fur..thing.., American Apparel dress, Vintage cardigan, Target tights, Aldo boots / Ane: Thrifted Diesel tank, Thrifted Cheap Monday jeans, Jimmy Choo for H&M shoes, Vintage necklace)

March 1, 2010

clover fields

(Ane: Dress from Goodwill / Laura: Marc by Marc Jacobs blazer, Joie tank, BDG jeans, Reflection shoes, Forever21 necklace, Tiffany necklace)

Not gonna lie, these are actually from a little in-school photoshoot from a few weeks ago. 
We're both in a group working towards earning money for charity, and were busy hanging up signs today for a fundraiser that we, (along with three other girlies) had been working on making happen for maybe three months now.