March 3, 2010

duck hunting

(Ane: John Partridge parka, Planet Blue tee, Thrifted leggings, Gap scarf, Vintage fur collar, Steve Madden boots, Vintage necklace)

Though the sun was out, my tee was wayy to see through to walk around in, so I decided to steal what I call my mama's "duck hunting jacket," to cover me up, and I LOVE it. SO much. 
Slightly bigger and bulkier than what it ought be, but much too comfy.

The fundraiser turned out an extreme success as well. Pinkberry, yes, Pinkberry(!), came to school to sell ice cream, 20% of the proceeds going to our charity group. We sold out in umm.. 15 minutes?
They'll be coming again next Wednesday, with even more ice cream. Score.

Oh and don't worry, Laura'll be workin' it tomorrow ;)


  1. Love that parka!

    Ps, Thanks for visiting my blog!

    love the casual look, chic and simple
    thanks for sharing
    love the blog, keep it up